Ex-intelligence officer makes sensational revelation in US

America has often been accused that the search for aliens is going on there. In some films, people have also claimed that America has a secret place where aliens have been kept and research is going on. Once again, such a sensational disclosure has been made about America. This has been revealed by David Grusch, a former intelligence officer and whistleblower. Quoting The Debrief, The Guardians reported that an ex-intelligence officer has revealed alien vehicles in the US possession, including some never-ending vehicles.

Grusch's accusations

Grush alleges that he faced opposition when he gave this information to Congress, due to which he left the job in April 14 after serving in US Intelligence for 2023 years. Grush also said that Congress is also aware of such alien vehicles. However, he also said that he has not seen any picture of any such craft or vehicle. In a conversation with The Debrief, Grush said that some craft in the aircraft fleet are never-ending, while some craft can be destroyed to some extent.

The truth of intelligence

Jonathan Gray, the US Intelligence Officer at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), also confirmed the news. He has also confirmed the existence of alien craft. He also said that what is new in this. Aliens or non-humans. Their luggage is not limited to the US. This is what happens all over the world. Retired Army Colonel Karl Nell has also said Grush's claim is true, the US also tries to gather information by visiting UFO crash sites and also trying to understand the engineering of things found from such sites.

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