The Ministry of Emergency Affairs has made further appeals to the public over the ongoing volatile weather conditions.

The EPA reports that the petition says:

"Given the volatile, rainy and windy weather conditions observed in the country in recent days, the Ministry of Emergency Affairs has once again appealed to the public to strictly adhere to the relevant safety regulations," he said.

It is recommended that some rivers stay away from dangerous areas of flooding and flooding to protect against possible flooding and flooding, and to rise immediately to nearby heights when threatened.

It is also recommended that you stay away from lightweight and temporary structures, buildings and billboards during strong winds and not stand under electricity poles and wires, tall trees. Fire safety regulations should also be particularly strictly enforced in windy weather, given the difficulties that strong winds pose in relation to the extinguishment of fires.

It is also recommended that you separate electrical appliances from the grid, not talk on the phone (fixed network, mobile, taxi, etc.), not approach the electrical line, lightning transmitter, naval and antenna while outdoors, not dive under tall trees, and when in the car stop the glass and wait for the lightning to end.

Remember, ignorance is a threat to our lives."

The FHN has recommended calling 112 during the threat.