Sanjay Dutt's video goes viral

New Delhi:

The craze of Bollywood stars speaks loudly. In such a situation, if these stars are seen somewhere, then there is no place for the happiness of the fans. But many times some stars are also found breaking the hearts of their fans. Recently, something similar happened when Sanjay Dutt was spotted at the airport. During this time some of his fans wanted to take a selfie with him, but Sanjay did not like it and then you can see what he did in this video. People are giving their comments on this video.

In this video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that Sanjay Dutt is coming out of the airport. During this, he can be seen in his stylish black Pathani suit. Sanjay is not happy to find his fans among them and he tries to take a selfie with his favorite star. In the video, a boy wearing a black T-shirt can be seen approaching Sanjay Dutt to take a selfie. The joy of meeting his star can be clearly seen on his face. As soon as he is taking a selfie with Sanjay, Sanjay pushes him and removes him from there.

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This video of Sanjay Dutt is going viral on social media and people are trolling Sanju Baba for this behavior. One user wrote, "Baba, you should not do this, people want you from the heart." There is only one photo. At the same time, one wrote, "You are forgetting that you are because of these fans. While some fans were also seen defending Sanjay. One fan wrote, "It's not Sanjay's fault, the boy was entering his personal space.

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