After more than six months of tug-of-war for the development of public housing on the local land of Fanling High Stadium, the Commission has successfully "broken through", but still needs to amend the layout, etc., and the authorities have indicated that they expect to submit the revised plan to the EPD by the end of next year, and amend the housing land involved to "undecided" land.
DAB Legislative Council member Lau Kwok-hsun said on a radio programme today (7th) that it is expected that the development density of the Fanling High Stadium needs to be reviewed again, the housing volume will also be adjusted, and the project may be slowed down, "there is always a chance to fall out of the short- and medium-term targets", suggesting that the authorities review the land in the "Northern Metropolitan Area" and even consider Heung Yee Kuk's proposal to develop C Gang instead of the development of the golf course.
Local Studies Society member Wong Siu-hung criticised that the Fanling High Course development plan is a social consensus, and the authorities' rare designation of land as an "undecided" area has increased uncertainty, raising questions about whether the authorities have suspended the construction of housing at Fanling High Stadium, and the postponement of the 1,2-unit public housing development scheme will also delay the supply of public housing.


Liu Guoxun. (Profile picture)

Speaking on RTHK's "Millennials" in the morning, Mr Lau said that the authorities' revision of the proposed development of Fanling Golf Course to an "undecided use" zone would make people feel "infinitely associated" or interpreted each other, but in his understanding, this was a suitable normal operation for the technical department, believing that the current classification of land as "residential (Category A)" land with high development density would violate the conditions for approving the EIA, and that the land use could be amended again after the Government revised the layout, describing the practice as "safe".

Liu Guoxun: Does Mi Zhong need to get up?

However, he admitted that the development density of Fanling High Stadium needs to be reviewed again, the housing volume will be adjusted, and the project may be slowed down, "there is a chance that it will fall beyond the short- and medium-term targets at any time." He believes that after the Government proposed the concept of "Northern Metropolis" two years ago, it can re-plan or review new land supply and housing demand, and with the increase in plot ratio of Kwu Tung North/Fanling North, he believes that it can fill the land supply in the short and medium term, and asks: "In fact, the land is actually Mi Chung who needs to be built?" In addition to solving the housing problem, I also hope that there are economic growth points and supporting industries (development), and I think that under the circumstances, the stadium department and the housing department are worth the government's re-examination, and the whole northern metropolitan area is well planned, and even recently the Heung Ye Kuk has said that there is a piece of land in the isolation of Binggang, so let's go for an inspection."

Huang Zhaohong, a member of the Local Research Society. (Profile photo/Photo by Zhang Haowei)

Wong Siu-hung, a member of the Local Studies Society, said that the 2018 land debate was "stormy", and after many years of social consensus on the construction of Fanling High Course, the Planning Department suddenly classified the land as an "undecided use" area, which raised the question: "What did you decide to do before?" He believes that it is rare to classify land as "undecided" areas, stressing that revising the development parameters does not amount to changing the nature of the land.

He added that the delay in the supply of 1,2 housing units has also delayed the public housing construction scheme, which is a big problem and it is difficult for the Housing Bureau to represent the diplomatic service.

When Heung Yee Kuk proposed to build houses on abandoned farmland in Pinggang, Wong Siu-hung believed that the farmland in Pinggang was one of the best quality active farmland in Hong Kong, and it was also designated as a place with "archaeological potential" by the Heritage Office, and that the development of the site would also require procedures such as environmental assessment and land rezoning, and involve the process of land acquisition, etc., which would take a long time to fill the current land supply in the short and medium term.

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