The results of the Primary One "Unified Placement" were released yesterday, and the Tai Cheng Primary School of Wong Tai Sin Confucius Education College, which was awarded "Class 0", decided to operate a private Primary One in September this year and is now actively enrolling. Principal Ms Yuen Pan Shuk-han told Hong Kong 9 that she plans to implement "half-stay" teaching from Primary 01 to Primary 7, that is, open from 45:7 am to 12 pm, allowing students to stay in school for nearly 16 hours. She pointed out that after the school was transformed into a private primary school, it has been more flexible in admitting students of different nationalities and cross-districts, etc., since the announcement of the change to "Private Class" next school year, the vast majority of students who choose to study in Primary One next school year said that they will continue to enroll, and more cross-district students and students of other nationalities have enrolled in the school, and <> students have been admitted for the time being.


With Hong Kong's school-age population declining, 5 primary schools will be assigned Primary One in Class 0 next school year, and schools are looking for alternative ways to survive. Principal Yuen Pan Shukhan, the only primary school in Hong Kong with the goal of promoting Confucian spirit, is one of the "Class 0" schools, and the principal Yuen Pan Shu-han admitted that she was very shocked when she learned that she was "sent to Class 0", believing that about 98% and 90% of the schools were assigned the first three or first volunteers, which was higher than the average percentage in Hong Kong.

She said that the school still owes a small number of students to reach the threshold of 16 classes, and believes that the most important problems of "sending 0 classes" are still the problems of ageing population and low birth rate, which has led to a sharp decline in the school-age population, and Wong Tai Sin is among the "hardest hit areas".

Due to the shortage of Primary 1 students, Tai Tai Sin Confucius College Tai Seng Primary School opened a private class Primary One in the new school year. (Photo by Liang Pengwei)

It is reiterated that it is hoped that after three years, the subsidy for each class will exceed 100 million

After discussing with the school sponsoring body and the school council, Yuen Pan Shukhan's decision to open a private primary school class was supported, with the hope that the entire primary school would be converted into a private primary school in three years' time. She said that the school has been subsidized and that current students and students entering Primary One in the next two years will be fully tuition-free, and the subsidy amount involved in each class will exceed $100 million.

She said that private classes and primary schools can break the original restrictions of Tianjin schools, such as cross-district admission, and also intend to take this opportunity to introduce "semi-stay" teaching in Primary 7 and Primary 45 by referring to the way day students in foreign boarding schools, that is, students can stay in school from 7:12 am to <> pm for nearly <> hours.


Sports training in the afternoon Invite the coach of the Hong Kong team as an advisor

Ms Yuen explained that students will participate in regular academic classes in the morning, with steamed food provided in the school canteen at noon, and five sports in the afternoon, including badminton, swimming, table tennis, fencing and kung fu, and Hong Kong team coaches will be invited as consultants. After the training, students can choose to participate in homework tutoring or interest classes.

She believes that the new model is convenient for dual-career families to pick up their children after work, on the other hand, it can better enable students to develop their all-round potential, and they can choose to be tutored by school teachers after sports training. She said this has increased the recruitment of teachers and worked in shifts to reduce the burden on teachers.

Sixteen students have applied for entry to Primary One in September

Ms Yuen said that since announcing the switch to private primary schools and promoting "semi-stay" teaching, the overwhelming majority of students who originally chose the school will stay in school, and students from Hong Kong Island, Ma On Shan and other cross-district students have also come to apply, and many students from the United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Korea have applied, and 16 students have been confirmed for admission for the time being.

The school advocates diversified teaching, the school has a game room, aircraft room, etc., and usually implements game-based teaching to deepen students' impression. Ms Yuen said that in the future, the existing auditorium will be redeveloped into a building with swimming pools, badminton courts, etc., hoping that students can develop in an all-round way.

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