Regional leaders are required to ensure comprehensive education is provided to citizens on the rights, protection, safety and welfare of the elderly.

The Minister of Community Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups, Dr Dorothy Gwajima, spoke to members of the Elders Council in Mkonze County, Mmkoani Dodoma ahead of the Day Against Violence against the Elderly which takes place on June 15 each year.

Dr Gwajima said that due to the improvement of social services in the country, the number of elderly people has increased from 2,507,568 to 5,008,339, which is equivalent to 8.1% of the 61,741,120 Tanzanians.

He said the government has continued to mark the Day Against Violence against the Elderly on June 15, which is important to inform the public about the rights, protection, development and welfare of our elderly.

"I also take this opportunity to ask the Heads of Regions across the country to coordinate this celebration regionally in collaboration with the leaders of the Elders' Councils in the respective regions. "In this ceremony," said Minister Gwajima.

Minister Gwajima has continued to insist on all communities to stop committing violence against the elderly and all groups in general and has urged journalists to use their media to educate and continue to denounce the issues of violence across the country.

"The government will continue to take appropriate measures to adequately address those found to have committed acts of violence against various groups in society, especially for the elderly." He added Dr. Gwajima.

This year's Anti-Violence Against Elders commemoration will be held at the provincial level across the country with the theme "Seniors Deserve Our Respect and Attention".