The 111th session of the International Labour Conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland, with the participation of government officials and social partners from member countries.

The EPA has been informed of this from Labour and Social Protection.

It has been reported that the head of the Azerbaijani delegation, Sahil Babayev, the Minister of Labour and People's Social Protection, noted that Jilbert Hungbon, director-general of the United States, was present at the opening of the silence.

Despite the negative impact of complex political-economic processes on a regional and global scale, the minister noted that the pace of growth in Azerbaijan continues, the country's serious increases in social payments in the last five years, as well as the results of a large digital program in the social sector, and that more than 5 social services have already been electronically electronic. The achievements of the DOST concept and the important benefits of the Employment and Welfare system have been described. Construction work has been reported in our liberated areas.

Since 2019, Azerbaijan has been chairman of the Coalition Movement and has been describing successful initiatives to strengthen global efforts in the fight against pandemics. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of effective employment in member countries and the strengthening of social protection, especially in sensitive groups, and close cooperation with the United Nations.

During the 111th session of the United Nations, a meeting of labor ministers was held under the chairmanship of Azerbaijan. J. Hungbo, director-general of the United States, also attended the meeting.

In his speech, S.Babayev, chairman of the assembly, emphasized his active participation in the global fight against pandemics as chairman of the Country's Coalition Movement. Our country's successful initiatives in this direction, including the adoption of resolutions for the equal and universal discourse of all countries, have been outlined. Azerbaijani President Ilham Əliyev also proposed the creation of the United Nations High-Level Panel on Global Reconstruction after COVID-19, strong support for the institutional development of Azerbaijan, and all these steps greatly strengthened the international influence of the Movement.

It has been noted that 5 social reform packages covering 4 million people have been implemented in our country in the last 4 years, serious increases in wages and other social payments, an additional 6.8 billion manat annually allocated to these reforms, and stability in the labour market. Azerbaijan has also highlighted the evaluation of the ratification of the UN Conventions on Agricultural Safety and Health, No. 184 and the 187th Conventions on the Protection and Health of Employment.

The reconstruction and reconstruction work in our liberated areas has been described. Nine cities and hundreds of villages in Azerbaijan were completely destroyed during Armenia's occupation.

It has been reported that Azerbaijan is one of the most polluted countries in the world as a result of Armenia's occupation. After the second world war, 302 Azerbaijani citizens were killed or injured in a mine terrorist attack. Mines are hampering the reconstruction process in liberated areas and the return of former displaced people to their homes. There is a direct link between the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (DIM) and the efforts to clear mines and actively promote the initiative to launch the 18th DIM on Azerbaijan's mining.

The meeting included discussions on employment and employment issues in member countries, and the Declaration of Labour Ministers was adopted.