What things to plan? What clothes and jewelry to wear to be lucky in work and love? Which part of the body to pay special attention to? What number will be lucky? What can not be done categorically? These questions are answered by the horoscope of the day.

The current lunar day has the following characteristics:

Astrological advice of the day: the stars strongly recommend everyone not to start important business, not to solve serious professional and financial issues, not to make important decisions and to communicate with others as little as possible.

Symbol of the day: Golden spider.

Element of the day: Water.

Lucky day number: 1.

Lucky color of the day: blue, the color of the sea wave.

Lucky stones of the day: green pomegranate, red onyx, uvarovit, blood.

For which part of the body is responsible: abdominal cavity.

Diseases of the day: diseases that began on this day pass easily, especially if you do not delay going to the doctor. It is undesirable to perform operations related to the intestines, it is especially important to abandon the removal of appendicitis.

Meals of the day: you can not eat meat, milk and bread.

Haircut of the day: it is not only possible but also necessary to get a haircut – it is believed that a haircut will contribute to good health and longevity.

Summer works of the day: you can weed the ground and fertilize plants.

Magic and mysticism of the day: it is possible to perform magical rituals that use the magical power of fire.

Dreams of the day: Dreams of this night are rarely eloquent, but this does not mean that they should not be paid attention to: they can tell about the spiritual problems that a person faces.

Taboo of the day: inadequate and aggressive people who do not know how to control their emotions must be avoided by the tenth way.

Quote of the day: "He who opens a school closes the prison" (Victor Hugo).

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