The community has recently paid attention to the expenditure of the $2 ride discount, and Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu recently stated that he will strengthen law enforcement against possible illegal use or abuse. MTR said today (7th) that in order to strengthen the fight against fare evasion and illegal use of fare concessions, the relevant fines will be increased from June 6, and the relevant fines for the heavy rail network will be doubled from 25 yuan to 500,1 yuan; Meanwhile, light rail and MTR buses increased by 000.290% from MOP370 to MOP27. MTR also said that it will step up ticket checks to combat related behaviors and ensure that passengers pay the correct fares.


MTR said that it is the responsibility of each passenger to pay the correct fare, and the vast majority of passengers now pay the correct fare. MTR added that the MTR Customer Service and Revenue Protection Unit is responsible for carrying out the ticket search duties, and in addition to daily inspections, it will also analyze the overall fare evasion trend and review the fare evasion situation at individual stations with a view to allocating manpower to carry out targeted ticket searches.

If it is found that a passenger has not paid the correct fare, or does not hold a valid ticket to take a heavy rail, light rail or MTR bus, including illegal use of the $2 ride concession, or other forms of fare evasion, MTR staff will impose a surcharge on the offending passenger in accordance with the MTR By-laws or the MTR (Northwest Railways) by-laws.

Heavy rail violation surcharge increased to $1000 Light rail and MTR buses increased to $370

MTR will continue to refer to the increase in the surcharge for heavy rail networks from the current $6 to $25,500 from 1 June. The surcharge for light rail and MTR buses was raised from $000 to $290. MTR emphasises that if passengers refuse to pay the surcharge or have repeated fare evasion, they will file prosecutions with the relevant persons or refer them to the relevant government departments for follow-up.

MTR also said that it will step up ticket checks to combat fare evasion and illegal use of fare concessions to ensure that passengers pay the correct fare. At the same time, MTR will amend the "Conditions for Ticket Issuance" and post notices at stations to inform passengers of the changes, and strengthen publicity and education to let passengers know the new surcharge requirements and remind them to pay the correct fare.

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