British Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, again personally arrived at the court hearing in London. This happened two days after the birthday of his daughter Lilibet.

Prince Harry / Photo: Associated Press

This is not the first time he has attended the court concerns a lawsuit against the holding company Associated Newspapers Limited, which includes the Daily Mirror, People and Sunday Mirror. The lawsuit accuses the company of using various criminal means to obtain information about high-ranking and well-known individuals over the years, CNN reported.

Prince Harry, 38, filed a lawsuit in 2019, alleging his phone's voicemail was hacked, according to People. In court, Harry personally testified, thus becoming the first member of the British royal family in 132 years to do so. He arrived at the court in the morning, was dressed in a navy blue suit, white shirt and black tie, and had several faenic bracelets on his hands. He did not speak to the press, and after getting out of his Range Rover, he immediately headed with security to the courthouse.

Prince Harry / Photo: Associated Press

Prince Harry / Photo: Associated Press

In court, Harry said some high-profile phrases, noting that the media had invaded his childhood, adolescence and adult life. According to the Daily Mail, he stated:

  • Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell was "two-faced shit";
  • Stories about James Hewitt being his "biological father" led him to fear that "I could be expelled from the royal family";
  • He feared being kicked out of Eton for using drugs;
  • Diana's supposed paranoia reflected his own fears of betraying friends;
  • Journalists hacked his girlfriend Chelsea Davey after he disguised himself as a Nazi at a costume party;
  • The "horrific personal attacks and intimidation" on him and Meghan were allegedly committed by former editor Piers Morgan

  • He exposes the "criminality" of the media on moral grounds and as "a soldier who defends important values."

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