Cottage or country house can not always be a source of positive emotions. Very often in horticultural cooperatives or cottage villages scandals erupt between neighbors. Educated and polite Britons in this sense are no exception either. Recent research has shown that 60 per cent of households in the UK have faced neighbourhood disputes with at least one of their neighbours.

Therefore, E recently published for lovers of country life five basic rules of conduct that will avoid conflicts with neighbors.

Carefully choose the time for mowing the lawn

The most annoying effect on the plot is mowing the lawn. This is noisy work, which is often accompanied by unpleasant exhausts if you use a non-electric lawn mower. Make sure to mow your lawn at a reasonable time.

If it's a weekday and you know your neighbors are working from home, try mowing at lunchtime. Avoid early morning weekends. Evening - family dinner time - is also not the best time for mowing. Having young children with your neighbors will also greatly complicate the task, but if you know their sleep schedule, it will help you choose the right time for work, and set your neighbors in a positive mood and courtesy in return.

Help your neighbor with the sale

When people buy real estate, they are buying not just real estate, but a way of life. Neighbors are part of this lifestyle. If you see your neighbor's property up for sale, try to streamline your site and keep common areas clean. After all, the sooner your neighbor finds buyers for their property, the less anxiety you will be caused by the numerous customers who usually park their cars near your fence, look at your garden with interest, and sometimes even try to look through your windows.

Keep trampolines as far away from fences as possible

A trampoline in the garden with children has become the norm. However, when choosing a trampoline site, remember that there is a possibility of invasion of the privacy of neighbors, as children can peek over fences when they bounce too high.

Remember that a neighbor can also buy a trampoline and install it, for example, in front of the windows of your bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Five rules that will help avoid conflicts with neighbors in the country / Photo: Credits

Find out who owns the fence

Before gardeners start painting or even rebuilding the fence, they must be sure that the fence belongs to them, even if it goes straight into the garden.

For those who do not have a fence, the expert recommends asking permission from a neighbor. Painting someone else's fence may seem harmless, but it can lead to serious conflict, especially if the owner is going to sell the property.

Be careful with inkjet washing

Jet washing outside the house is a great way to clean up, but do it with caution. Pressure washing can cause dirt and stones to spray across the garden and beyond. In neighboring areas, cars, windows and plants may be affected. Be careful with the pressure you use during the jet wash and how close you are to the areas you are cleaning. This will help avoid causing any harm.

Also a controversial point may be the use of herbicides, insecticides, slug remedies and even fertilizers. But here, unfortunately, there is no universal advice. In any case, it is better not to conflict with neighbors and resolve issues by mutual agreement.

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