A meeting was held at the Attorney-General's Office with a delegation led by Andreas Kleizer, director of coordination and cooperation at the United Nations International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP).

The EPA has been informed by the press service of the Attorney-General's Office.

Elchin Mohammadov, the first deputy attorney general to greet the guests, said that 3890,<> people who lost their lives during the first Civil War were tortured and buried in mass graves and that their fate has not been clarified to this day, and that detailed information has not been provided by Armenia.

Thanks to the reception, Andreas Clayzer said that the Commission, which has years of experience in clarifying the fate of those who have lost their lives in military conflicts and identifying crimes against humanity, is ready to cooperate closely with Azerbaijani officials, especially the prosecutor's office.

A detailed exchange of views on the criminal cases investigated by the Military Prosecutor's Office and the Office of the Attorney-General's Office in connection with the registration of missing persons, databases, missing persons, and Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan.