The Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AQTA) has appealed to the public about alcoholic beverages manufactured in the Russian Federation.

According to AQTA to the EPA, the petition says 30 people have died as a result of poisoning from surrogate cedar (alcohol substitute) in Russia's Ulyanovsk district. An investigation by Russian authorities has found that the poisoning was caused by a Mister Sidr-branded alcoholic drink produced in Samara.

We believe that since its inception, the Agency has not imported alcoholic beverages into Azerbaijan. Nor have there been cases of the sale of the product in the country during past surveillance measures. However, AQTA appeals to Azerbaijani citizens and foreign guests who come to our country from Russia to refuse to consume those drinks if Sidr and Mister Sidr have brought engaged alcoholic beverages in hand luggage for personal consumption. At the same time, report to the Agency's 1003 Call Center.