The Ministry of Emergency Affairs' hotline "112" reported that 1 person was in danger of falling into a well in the village of Tutapesht in Lancashire.

Rescuers at the FHN's Southern Regional Center have been immediately drawn to the call address in connection with the information, according to a report from the FHN to the EPA.

In 1936, a humble citizen, A. Jahangirova, was diagnosed with amyric syringes and was diagnosed with am irrigation.

Rescuers have operatively rescued a citizen by pulling him out of a well with special rescue vehicles.



The inhabitants of Lancashire have fallen into a well.

The EPA's southern bureau reports that the FHN's Southern Regional Center has received information about a man being left helpless after falling into a well in the village of Tutapesh in Lancashire. In 1936, a special risk rescue team at the Regional Center pulled the daughter of humble Jahangirova Arifa Moussein out of a well five feet [5 m] deep. A. Jahangirova was transferred to the emergency medical team.