Some details have been released about an 87-year-old woman falling into a ditch in Lancashire.

According to the EPA's Southern Bureau, the daughters of 87-year-old Arifa Jahangirova, Kamil Kazemova and Esab Yusubova, claim their mother was thrown into the well by her brother Rza Qurbanov and her family. The woman's eyes are blind, and the well is closed. The well is located far from home.

Rza Qurbanov considers her sisters' claims unfounded. In a statement to the EPA, R. Qurbanov said he and his family were caring for their mother. His mother has eyes but his hearing is impaired. He and his family were at work at the time of the incident. His mother, A. Jahangirova, also heard that she had fallen into the well. He even tried to get his mother out of the ditch. Because he could not, he informed the authorities.

It should be noted that police have not received any requests for the woman to be deliberately thrown into the well.

The exact cause of the incident is being investigated by cell-enforcement agencies.



The Ministry of Emergency Affairs' hotline "112" reported that 1 person was in danger of falling into a well in the village of Tutapesht in Lancashire.

Rescuers at the FHN's Southern Regional Center have been immediately drawn to the call address in connection with the information, according to a report from the FHN to the EPA.

In 1936, a humble citizen, A. Jahangirova, was diagnosed with amyric syringes and was diagnosed with am irrigation.

Rescuers have operatively rescued a citizen by pulling him out of a well with special rescue vehicles.



The inhabitants of Lancashire have fallen into a well.

The EPA's southern bureau reports that the FHN's Southern Regional Center has received information about a man being left helpless after falling into a well in the village of Tutapesh in Lancashire. In 1936, a special risk rescue team at the Regional Center pulled the daughter of humble Jahangirova Arifa Moussein out of a well five feet [5 m] deep. A. Jahangirova was transferred to the emergency medical team.