Potassium iodide tablets, intended for radiation protection of the population, were delivered to the bases of the State Reserve and War-time Stockpiles. The deliveries were carried out according to the schedule specified with the respective territorial directorates of DA DRVZ.

By a decision of the Council of Ministers from 2022, the YES DRVZ was assigned to create and store a stock of iodine prophylaxis preparation. On the basis of this decision, a public procurement for the purchase of the tablets was announced. The drug is necessary for iodine prophylaxis to prevent damage to human health as a result of accumulation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland in the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency, the government press service said.

Currently, there is no threat to the population of Bulgaria, but the insured quantities ensure safety and prevention in case of possible radiation risk. Iodine prophylaxis is of utmost importance for the radiation protection of the public. Iodine is the only element that can reduce the risk of thyroid damage from radiation.

Here's what the use of iodine without a doctor's prescription leads to

YES "State Reserve and War-time Stockpiles" is one of the responsible institutions for the security of the population and provides important resources necessary after crisis situations. If the need arises, the tablets will be released in accordance with the State Reserves and Wartime Stocks Act.

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