In the Lunchang murder case in Guilin Street, Sham Shui Po this morning (5th), three young sisters aged 3, 2 and 4 were killed, and the suspected murderer was the 5-year-old Indian mother of the three. In response to the Hong Kong 3 enquiry tonight, the Social Welfare Department said that the suspect and his three daughters have been receiving integrated family services provided by non-governmental organisations since last year. As the family had been relocated, the case was also referred to the NGO Integrated Family Service Centre near their new home for follow-up. After the incident, SWD social workers contacted the Integrated Family Service Centre immediately. SWD has also contacted the family members concerned and will provide appropriate assistance according to their welfare needs.

Police arrested the mother of three murdered girls on suspicion of murder and was escorted away by police officers in the afternoon. (Photo by Weng Yuhui)

SWD said in a press release this morning that it is highly concerned about the family tragedy and confirmed that the woman concerned and her three daughters were followed up by the Integrated Family Service Centre of the non-governmental organisation. When Chung, Superintendent of the Crime Wing of Kowloon West Region, described the case in the afternoon, saying that after learning from SWD, he learned that the female suspect and her three daughters had been followed up by social workers in the past; He also claimed that the suspect did not have a psychiatric record, nor did it show that she had received or present psychiatric treatment in the past, nor did it show that the family involved had domestic violence in the past.

The incident occurred at 5:11 am today (01th), the police received a report from a woman (i.e. the female suspected murderer) who said that "her husband killed three children" in a tenement building unit at No. 115 Guilin Street, Sham Shui Po, and mentioned that her husband attacked her and her three daughters with a knife. After the police arrived at the scene, three girls (aged 3, 3 and 3) were found unconscious and died after being sent to the hospital.

At that time, the husband of the female informant was not present, and a large number of police officers loaded with live ammunition and blocked a section of Guilin Street to search for the man involved. However, the police investigation found that the female informant in the unit did not have the attack injuries she mentioned, and hospital information showed that none of the three girls had superficial injuries and was suspected of being baked to death. A few days later, the suspected husband also drove back from outside to assist in the investigation.

The father of the 3 female deceased (blue mask) assisted in the investigation at the scene. (Photo by Weng Yuhui)

On the other hand, 4 minutes before the female informant called the police, the Police also received a report from her family that she was suspected of being knife-wielding and dangerous, and the case was found to be a person with mental disorders, and the next two cases were dealt with jointly.

Police officers investigate in the unit where the crime occurred. (Photo by Cai Zhengbang)

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