A family murder case occurred in Guilin Street, Sham Shui Po, this morning (5th), and three young sisters aged 3, 2 and 4 were sent to hospital in a coma and all died. Police initially received a report from the little sister's Indian mother this morning that her husband fled after attacking her and her three daughters with a knife. The three girls were then found uninjured and suspected of being baked to death, and after questioning, the mother confessed to the crime, was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder, and at about 5 p.m. with her head covered with black cloth, was escorted into a car by police officers and taken away. When the police explained the case this afternoon, they said that they believed that they believed that emotional problems involving her separated husband might involve a third party, and it could not be ruled out that she did not want her three daughters to be taken care of by others and committed murder. According to sources, the arrested woman often hears rumors that her husband has another new love.

Police arrested the mother of three murdered girls on suspicion of murder and was escorted away by police officers in the afternoon. (Photo by Huang Xuerun)

Superintendent of the Crime Division of Kowloon West Region of the Police said that the police received a report at about 11 o'clock this morning that a life case had occurred in a unit on the upper floor of 115 Guilin Street, Sham Shui Po, and uniformed police officers arrived and found an Indian woman in a subdivided room at the scene. After investigation, the police found that the wooden door of one of the bedrooms in the subdivided unit was locked, and the officers broke down the door and found three girls aged 3, 2 and 4 unconscious in bed. Preliminary examination found that the three deceased had no superficial scars and no sharp objects or drugs were found at the scene.

Police officers investigate in the unit where the crime occurred. (Photo by Cai Zhengbang)

As the case involved a number of deceased persons, the Kowloon West Regional Major Crime Unit immediately took over the investigation and believed that the Indian woman was the mother of the three deceased. As one of the girls killed had blood stains on her nose and mouth, and blood stains were also found on pillows seized at the crime scene, the Police cannot rule out that she personally baked three daughters to death with pillows earlier this morning, but the exact cause of death of the deceased is still to be determined after post-mortem examination. Alan Chung said that after the crime, the suspected murderer called his mother living in the New Territories to call him a "murderer", and the mother immediately called her young son (the suspected murderer's brother) to report the crime, and the police immediately arrested the 3-year-old Indian woman on suspicion of murder.

It is understood that the suspected murderer has heard many friends say in the past that they suspect that his husband is out to make another new love. Zhong Yalun said that the police initially believe that the suspected murderer's motive involves her relationship with her separated husband, which may involve a third party, and it cannot be ruled out that the arrested woman does not want her three daughters to be taken care of by others. Before the incident, the neighbours did not hear the noise from the unit involved, and the police investigation believed that the three murdered girls had been dead for about one to two hours when they were sent to the hospital, so they believe that the murder occurred this morning.

The father of the 3 female deceased (blue mask) assisted in the investigation at the scene. (Photo by Weng Yuhui)

Alan Chung pointed out that the preliminary investigation by the Police showed that the suspect had been separated from her husband for about a year, she was currently unemployed, and she lived in the subdivided unit unit with her three daughters for about 3 months, making a living under CSSA. Two of the murdered girls are enrolled in kindergarten, the remaining one has not yet entered school, there is no evidence that the relationship between mother and daughter is not good, and the suspected separated husband has not been in contact with her and her three daughters for some time, and there is no evidence that the husband and the suspected murderer have recently quarreled.

The Social Welfare Department confirmed that the arrested woman and the three murdered girls were followed up by the NGO Integrated Family Service Centre. Alan Chung said that the Police had enquired with SWD that they had been followed up by social workers in the family concerned, but the case was closed at the end of last year. The Police are currently investigating and aware that the suspect has no psychiatric record, no record showing that she has received or has received psychiatric treatment in the past, and there is no record indicating that the family concerned has had domestic violence problems in the past.

Zhong Yalun said that this is a very serious domestic violence case, three young innocent girls were killed, emphasizing that the police attach great importance to domestic violence crimes, especially crimes involving human life and serious injuries, and the police will make every effort to investigate and find out the truth, hoping to help the victims. He also urged the public to pay more attention to their friends or family members, give play to the spirit of mutual help and watchfulness among neighbours, and hope that professionals can intervene as soon as possible to avoid the recurrence of tragedies.

The incident occurred at 5:11 am today (01th), the police received a report from a woman (i.e. the female suspected murderer) who said that "her husband killed three children" in a tenement building unit at No. 115 Guilin Street, Sham Shui Po, and mentioned that her husband attacked her and her three daughters with a knife. After the police arrived at the scene, three girls (aged 3, 3 and 3) were found unconscious and died after being sent to the hospital.

Officers searched the area around the scene. (Photo by Weng Yuhui)

At that time, the husband of the female informant was not present, and a large number of police officers loaded with live ammunition and blocked a section of Guilin Street to search for the man involved. However, the police investigation found that the female informant in the unit did not have the attack injuries she mentioned, and hospital information showed that none of the three girls had superficial injuries and was suspected of being baked to death. Soon after, the suspected murderer also drove back from outside to assist in the investigation.

On the other hand, 4 minutes before the female informant called the police, the Police also received a report from her family that she was suspected of being knife-wielding and dangerous, and the case was found to be a person with mental disorders, and the next two cases were dealt with jointly.

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