Prince HarryPrince Henry Charles Albert David's lawyers have accused a British tabloid publisher of sowing "the seeds of discord" with his older brother, Crown Prince William.

Earlier today, the Duke of Sussex did not appear in the High Court in London for a hearing in the case against the Mirror Group Newspapers, accused of unauthorized access to the phones of celebrities.

Harry, the younger son of Britain's King Charles III, is one of more than 100 plaintiffs suing the publisher of the newspapers Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People for alleged illegal acts committed between 1991 and 2011.

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The Duke of Sussex will be questioned on Tuesday, June 6. He will become the first senior representative of the British royal court to testify in court in 130 years. He did not appear at the hearing today, although he was expected in the courtroom.

The trial began last month when lawyers representing Harry and three other plaintiffs tried to prove that the illegal information gathering was carried out with the knowledge and approval of high-ranking officials at the publishing company. Now he continues with the testimony of those affected.

Harry's allegations are in the spotlight this week, and his lawyer David Sherborne on Monday accused the publishing house Mirror Group Newspapers of creating a "discord" between him and his brother William, heir to the British throne, 20 years ago.

The lawyer said Harry and William's divergent opinions about a former employee of their late mother, Princess Diana, was the subject of a 2003 article.

The lawyer says the article gives an idea of how "the seeds of discord between these two brothers are beginning to be sown."

"Sometimes they disagree, but once it becomes public and their inner feelings are revealed in this way, trust begins to erode," Sherborne said.

The sons of King Charles III have quarreled loudly in recent years after Harry and his American wife Meghan stepped down from royal duties and moved to the United States. The Duke of Sussex wrote in his recently published book that William knocked him to the floor during a dispute in 2019.

Sherborne says about 2500,1997 articles were published about Harry's private life in company publications during the period to which the charges relate - from his school years, his mother's death in <>, his military training and the life of an elderly man.

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"Nothing was sacred ... there was no protection from these illegal methods of gathering information," he said.

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