On the Tik-tok platform, Anar Solomonov, a former convicted resident of Ghana who made unsubstantiated and biased claims to colleagues of the Tashkent Regional Police Department and used improper statements about them, was invited to the police department to investigate appropriately.

Ashqin Qasimov, the chief inspector of the religious press service for the region, the police captain, has told the EPA that he continued his irregular behavior by raising the alarm again, deliberately disobeying the legitimate demands of police colleagues who invited him to discipline. Because of his actions, he was brought to the district police department.

In accordance with the law, A. Solomonov was sent to court to give a legal assessment of his actions by compiling protocols with the relevant provisions of the Administrative Circuit. The court ruled that A. Solomonov had been sentenced to 30 days in administrative prison.

It is noteworthy that A. Solomonov, a resident of Ghana, illegally seized duck fields belonging to individual citizens in the Tashkent region and illegally leased them to others. Because his efforts were prevented by police colleagues, A. Solomonov made claims about the police that were not true.