Currently, the number of active spots on the surface of the sun has decreased to 7, and the number of active spots is 110.

According to a report from the Shamax Astrophysics Library to the EPA, the CME (Coronal Mass Ejections - Crown Mass Shootings) that took place on June 4 is being analyzed to see if it has a directed component to Earth.

The speed of the solar wind has increased to 465 km/h.

The geomagnetic field has been in calm-active phases and a G1-class geomagnetic storm linked to the Crown Valley has been forecast but has not happened. Currently, the geomagnetic field is calm (Kp=1+).

During the forecast days (June 05-11), solar activity is expected to be weak. Class C is 99%, Class M is 35%, and Class X is 10%.

More than 2 MeV-energetic electronic floods are expected to be at calm and nervous levels, while the proton flood, which has more than 10 MeVs of energy, is expected to rise to S7 levels on 1 June.

The speed of the solar wind is expected to increase with the effects of two crown hole in the sun's western hemisphere and a positive polarized CH HSS (High Speed Particles Coming Out of the Crown Valleys).

During the forecast period, a positive polarized CH HSS impact is forecast to continue on June 05, with a G1-level geomagnetic storm, and on June 06-07.