In the Sabuncu district, 75 people who organized the illicit circulation of drugs were detained during operations in May.

The EPA reports that it has been informed by religion.

In an operation carried out by colleagues of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the Sabuncu Regional Police Department, Mirzadadash Galilov, who was involved in the cultivation of drug-resistant plants in the town of Nardaran, was arrested. A review of the backyard of his home uncovered 97 chicken bushes he cultivated with special care, as well as 2 kilograms 200 grams of marijuana.

In the next operation in the town of Bakıxanov, Vujar Rehimov, a former convicted drug dealer, was arrested. Two pounds [2 kg] of marijuana have been found on and from his home.

It is noteworthy that during May, a total of 75 people were detained during operations in the area by colleagues of the Sabuncu Regional Police Department. Criminal proceedings have been initiated by the Office of the Attorney-General. Police colleagues continue to fight against the seizure of others involved in the illicit drug cycle in the Sabuncu region

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of the year, a total of 45 pounds [<> kg] of various drugs have been removed from the illicit circuit in the Sabuncu region.