The circumstances of our lives are constantly changing, sometimes raising us to the top of success, then lowering us to a bad mood and, as it seems to us, hopelessness. But is it worth despairing if we can become darlings of fate at any time! Which zodiac sign will be lucky these days – May 5-6?

On the 18th lunar day, which will last almost two days, any facts and information that have become known to a person must be questioned, especially with regard to the opinions of others. You should not reduce someone else's authority to an absolute degree and follow the lead of other people, even if their arguments seem convincing – under the influence of the energies of the day it is very easy to take wishful thinking and make a mistake. The events of this day, like in a mirror, reflect the character, lifestyle and thoughts of a person, so nothing accidental will happen today.

Cancer (22.06 – 22.07)

For Cancers who have recently found themselves in a difficult life situation, life will give very important clues on how to get out of it not only without losses, but also, possibly, with a win. The main thing is to pay attention to the signs that fate will send them these days – they will contain clear and clear hints on how to behave so that everything works out. Well, the representatives of the sign will only have to adhere to them, not allowing any of their own inventions in their actions – it will only interfere with the right actions.

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