Anupama and Anuj are going to be one

New Delhi:

If you are also among those who keep Anupama at the top of the TRP chart, then congratulations... This news is for you. Congratulations because soon you will see the relationship of your favorite pair i.e. Anuj and Anupama improving. As you can see, Samar's wedding scene is going on these days... Meanwhile, Anuj is also trying to end the distance with Anupama. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Anuj is going to welcome Anupama with flowers.

Looking at the video, it seems that Anupama is once again going to enter the Kapadia Mansion. In the video being shared on Twitter, you can see Anuj showering flowers on wife Anupama. He has decorated the stairs with flowers. Anuj calls Anupama inside and says... Anuj's everything will always be Anu's... Come Anupama, this house and everything here is waiting for you. Anupama also moves forward by getting emotional.

Welcome❤️❤️❤️ to #ManAn#Anupamaa Kapadia Manshion ❤️

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falling in love all over again.. ❤️

Can't stop loving them..

— This_crazy_editor (@Edits_by_Avani) June 4, 2023

Fans are saying don't leave the house now Anupama

Fans who call Anuj and Anupama's pair the small screen Shah Rukh and Kajol say that Anupama should not leave the house anymore. One user wrote, "Anupama has become too much crying, now whatever happens, do not leave the house. One user wrote, "Don't leave Anuj to anyone anymore. One user wrote, "How long has this day been waiting. People were very unhappy with the drama that was going on for the last several days. This resentment was also clearly visible on social media. One user wrote, "After a long time I saw Anupama... It seemed like I didn't know what the writers were thinking. Nothing seemed sensitive. When Anuj and Anupama love each other and there is no misunderstanding then why is Anu insecure with Maya?

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