The moon is in Sagittarius until 10:32 a.m. on June 5.

In the days of Sagittarius, the setting is idealistic. Social and social life is intensifying. There is a growing tendency to seek justice and the side of the law. Beware of excessive optimism and pride. Restrictions are hard to bear.

Such qualities as generosity, generosity, determination are awakened. A period of high emotional activity. People need to teach others. A good time for those who want to spread their ideas to the masses.

On such days, herbal infusions made by the grasses harmonizing with the sign of Sagittarius have a special energy. These are St. John's wort, sage (sage) and yarrow. Vulnerable are the liver, hips, pelvic area, circulatory system.

Lunar calendar: lasts 16 lunar day until 21:54h

The energy of this lunar day is very harmonious. It's a clean, bright, peaceful day. It's time to take a break from intense and active action. There is balance and harmony between the physical and astral bodies. It is necessary for man to free himself from all unnecessary passions. If he can live according to the energy of the 16th lunar day, then he will enjoy life. If he succeeds in rejecting from himself all the lower instincts - malice, envy, idle curiosity, vindictiveness, if he is not too hasty and active (because the day requires passivity) - he will acquire wisdom and tranquility, will begin the long journey of climbing the spiritual ladder and will have a constant connection with his guardian angels. It is good to look for the golden mean in everything.

Today is the blessed day when you can lie in bed longer, walk and read for pleasure. The 16th lunar day is designed to help you recover.

Try to be quiet and meek, do not begin to clarify relations with anyone. On this day, you should not scream and behave unceremoniously. Peace of mind is required. Even if someone offends you, it is necessary to maintain the balance in the relationship. In no case do not behave defiantly, and then the day will be very favorable for you. Violation of the harmony of this day will not lead to anything good.

If clothes are dirty, even if a speck appears, this is a sign of spiritual impurity. The diseases of this lunar day are psychic in nature. Treatment is carried out only with psychotherapy and autosuggestion. Cleaning procedures and wellness activities are also useful. It's a good time in nature. Physiologically, this day is associated with the spleen, which regulates blood-forming function.

Do not eat mushrooms and food of animal origin, as well as products that have a phallic appearance, for example, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, etc. Eat natural foods that contain iron, drink pomegranate juice. Do not overeat. Eliminate alcohol.

Not suitable for purchases, haircuts and sexual relations. This is a day of rest in every sense.

Next is the 17th lunar day from 21:54h on June 4th to 23:02h on June 5th