Today, the State Examination Center (DIM) conducts an examination of higher education institutions in the first grade.

The EPA has been told by the DIM that the test begins at 11:00 p.m. At 10:45 p.m., the graduation regime expires, and the participants who come after that are not released to the test facility. Various entry times have been set for the examination facility to prevent mass, and the examination participant's graduation card shows at the time. Therefore, the exam building must be arriving at the time stipended on the graduation card.

Subscribers should bring the following documents to the test:

- Examination card;

- The authenticity of the identity document.

( a) Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan (including participants under the age of 16);

(b) Foreigners and non-citizens are issued permit certificates issued by the State Migration Service, while foreign nationals and their family members who have received refugee status are refugee certificates;

- Participants who do not have a picture on their identity certificate, among other documents, are searched by an educational institution and attached to photographs (a 3x4 cm-sized picture of the participant is attached and the picture is sealed).