The murder in Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Head on Friday (2nd), suspected of being a delusional schizophrenic, triggered some people's anxiety about random killings, but both psychiatrists stressed that violent incidents involving psychiatric patients are very rare. Among them, a psychiatrist once pointed out that delusional schizophrenia is a serious mental illness, and patients will be convinced of unsubstantiated thoughts and beliefs, so they will commit violent acts, but the situation is only "rare".

Another psychiatrist, Mak Yong, pointed out that according to research, the vast majority of mentally ill patients are not violent, and violence involving mentally ill patients accounts for about 4% of the overall cases. He also pointed out that patients have different causes of recurrence, such as failure to take drugs regularly, lack of follow-up consultation, drug abuse, etc., and there are traces of symptoms in the early stage of recurrence, such as nervousness, hatred, poor sleep, loss of appetite, as family members and caregivers, you can pay more attention.

Psychiatrist Mai Yongjie said that according to most foreign studies, the vast majority of psychiatric patients are not violent, and violent incidents involving mentally ill patients account for about 4% of the overall cases, describing this situation as very rare. (Profile picture)

100 in 1 Hong Kong people has schizophrenia Delusional type is the most common

Zeng Fanguang pointed out that schizophrenia is a serious mental illness, 100 in 1 Hong Kong people have schizophrenia, and paranoid schizophrenia is the most common in the classification of schizophrenia. He said that the proportion of men and women with schizophrenia is similar, 14 to 45 years old is the peak of schizophrenia, the younger the onset, the worse the situation, the cause of the disease is congenital, and there is a certain relationship with family inheritance.

Mai Yongxian explained that delusional schizophrenia can be divided into positive and negative symptoms, positive symptoms include thought detachment from reality, hallucinations and auditory hallucinations, etc., "For example, patients hear someone pouring in with them, or hear voices pointing at them, or even hear two voices discussing them, about good hog." Negative symptoms include lack of motivation, speech disorder, and less expression. He pointed out that when ordinary patients are sick, they will be delusional about being persecuted, and their sense of illness may be weak, "they don't know that they are sick."

Members of the public assist in rescuing the wounded


Zeng added that delusions mean that patients will be convinced of thoughts and beliefs that have no basis in fact, such as the belief that someone has put an electronic device into his brain through a satellite to control him, and that he is discussed on the street and on the TV news, causing the patient to be afraid, worried and angry; At the same time, it will also convince the patient that his partner will have delusions of persecution such as having an affair and poisoning and killing him.

Zeng Fanguang said that patients may be hurt by delusions and strike first

It has been said that patients may be affected by their delusions and engage in violent behavior, such as protecting themselves with a knife because they are worried that others will hurt themselves. For example, some patients believe that their neighbors will hurt them, so they will reason and intercede with others, and after the final negotiation fails, they will have a dispute and call the police for help.

Mak Yongjie: The vast majority of mentally ill people are not violent

The case has aroused great repercussions in the society, coupled with the frequent incidents of knife wounding in recent days, and the public is panicked. The two did not comment on the suspected murderer's situation, but both pointed out that violent incidents involving mentally ill patients are "rare" and even very rare. Mai Yongjie said that according to most foreign studies, the vast majority of mentally ill patients are not violent, and the violent incidents involving mentally ill patients account for about 4% of the overall cases.

Former Prosperity Urges the Public Not to Be Unduly Worried Only a small number of violent perpetrators are mentally ill

Mr Tsang also pointed out that there is no need for members of the public to worry too much, for example, in the wounding incidents in the past few months, only a small number of perpetrators were mentally ill. He pointed out that in the past, the psychiatric assessment of the perpetrators of manslaughter or murder was carried out, and 9% of the cases involved were not mentally ill, 5% of the murderers or manslaughter were affected by certain mental and emotional problems, such as drinking alcohol, and only a small number of patients would seriously harm strangers on the street, but the victims were mainly family members. As for this one that is so serious that some people have been injured or even died, it is hoped that society will accept more mentally ill people.

Police officers were present to subdue and arrest suspects

Stable patient relapse can detect symptoms Mai Yongjie: Well, the system evolves in three moments

At present, the treatment of schizophrenia mainly relies on taking drugs, which greatly reduces the chance of recurrence. Mak Yongjie said that as long as patients take medication regularly and cooperate with community nursing and care, their condition can be controlled and their daily life is no different. He pointed out that the risk of inducing relapse in patients is different, including low sense of disease, lack of regular follow-up, irregular drug use, drug abuse, antisocial personality, etc. He pointed out that many times the media will portray patients suddenly and randomly killing, but in fact, patients who are relatively stable in their own condition "evolve for a moment or three, and evolve in a few minutes" when they relapse, and there is a period of time when people around them can detect the symptoms.

Mai Yong said that if there are symptoms such as nervousness, hatred, and severe suspicion, or a relapse

He pointed out that each patient has different symptoms in the early stage of relapse, generally such as nervousness, hatred, poor sleep, loss of appetite, but also obvious strange thoughts, suspicious symptoms, family members and caregivers and other people around them can pay more attention. He mentioned that some patients will have a low sense of illness when they develop the disease, may not notice that the disease has changed, and even think that there is no need to take medicine, as a family member if encounters such a situation, "do not wash with them, then you have a disease", try to substitute his feelings, know that he is troubled, and slowly persuade him to see a doctor and receive medication. Zeng Fanguang reminded that once patients have an emergency or violent situation, they can go directly to the emergency department or call the police for help.

The situation at the scene after the crime


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