Members of the Dutch royal family attended a banquet in Amman. He was visited by Queen Maxima, King Willem-Alexander and their eldest daughter and future queen, Princess Katharina-Amalia.

Princess Katharina-Amalia, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima / Photo: Getty Images

Traditionally, Queen Maxima likes to appear in public in bright images, but this time her daughter shone. Katharina-Amalia wore a custom-made red dress by Jantaminiau, complementing the look with a ruby peacock, Queen Wilhelmina's tiara and hanging earrings, too, with rubies.

Her mother, Queen Maxima, wore a golden-beige coat, matching it with a diamond tiara and diamond hanging earrings, as well as a wide jewel wrist bracelet and a miniature gold clutch. Both ladies had evening styling and makeup.

Recall that at the wedding ceremony Queen Maxima appeared in a floral dress and with a beautiful necklace around her neck.

Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander / Photo: Getty Images

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