Yesterday afternoon (6 June) when the Labour Department's "Yellow Work Summer Heat Warning" came into effect, a male worker surnamed Yip (3 years old) was working on the scaffolding of the outer wall of the New Asia Place Club Building at CUHK when he fainted under suspicion of heat stroke and died after being sent to hospital. The CWA has contacted the family for assistance. The news said that the deceased was an aluminum window rubber worker, who has been unemployed for almost three years after the epidemic, and two weeks after returning to work in early May this year, he reported to his employer that "it was so hot and hard", and returned to work at the request of the employer after two days of stoppage, and an accident occurred a few days after the resumption of work, leaving behind his wife and 66 daughters.

Under the yellow work heat warning took effect, the workers of CUHK were suspected of heat stroke coma on the scaffold, and died after being sent to the hospital

The male surname Yip (66 years old) lived in Tung Chung with his wife and three daughters, all of whom were adults. The news said that Ye Nan had not been ill in the past and his health was normal; He has been working as an aluminium window worker for many years, but he has been unemployed almost all the time during the epidemic in the past three years, until he returned to work in May this year, working for aluminium window glue, returning 3 to 3 every day, and it is reported that there is no overtime work.

However, working outdoors in the hot summer, Ye Nan also felt overwhelmed, and after more than ten days of work, he once reported to his employer that he was "so hot and hard", and returned to work at the request of his employer after two days of stoppage, and an accident occurred in just a few days after resuming work. The Industrial Casualty Rights Association said that it was saddened by the accident, and that staff had rushed to the hospital to understand after the incident, and had contacted the family members and would continue to follow up and provide appropriate assistance.

CUHK Contractor Convicts Worker Suspected of Death from Heat Stroke Labour Department: Enforcement will be imposed if there is no reasonable protection of employees' health

Yesterday, a CUHK spokesperson replied that a staff dormitory on campus had a leak in the window and hired a contractor to carry out the repair work. The school has earlier instructed the contractors concerned to arrange work in accordance with the guidelines of the Labour Department, including the Guidelines on the Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work, and to provide clean water to drink and arrange rest. The worker who had the accident was responsible for the glue by the window, returned to work at about 1:<> p.m. after lunch, and then fainted. CUHK is very saddened by the incident and will learn about the incident from the contractor, follow up seriously, and fully cooperate with the investigation of the relevant government departments.

The Labour Department issued the Guidelines on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work in mid-May this year, and yesterday it stated that an investigation had been dispatched to determine the cause of the accident. If the investigation finds that the employer has not taken the necessary measures to protect the safety and health of employees at work within reasonable practicable measures, it will consider following up in accordance with the OSH legislation and taking corresponding enforcement action.