As the couple's eldest daughter, Princess Charlotte may be entitled to more than one royal title, but it is up to her whether she decides to use it or does not want to burden herself with additional responsibilities, experts say.

Princess Charlotte with her mother Kate / Photo: Getty Images

According to express, when Charlotte's father, Prince William, becomes king, his daughter can receive the royal princess's tilul, which now belongs to Princess Anne and cannot be taken from her until her death.

Earlier it was said that Charlotte could win the title of Duchess of Edinburgh, which Princess Elizabeth wore after marriage and before her coronation. But recently, King Charles III granted the title to his brother Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh at the coronation concert in Windsor / Photo: Associated Press

It is also possible that Princess Charlotte may want to become a working woman and do not want to have any additional titles, and may also give up her title of princess.

Recall that recently we talked about what title Queen Camilla will receive if her husband King Charles III dies before her and his son William ascends the throne.

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