Knee Pain Ayurvedic Remedies: This home remedy will remove old and new knee pain.

Home Remedies: Along with aging, health problems also start to occur. One of these problems is the problem of knee pain. Many people start having pain in the knees and if it is not relieved in time, then the problem starts increasing. Chronic pain is called chronic pain. Naturopathy expert Dr. Nitasha has shared one such video on her account on Instagram, in which she is telling how to overcome chronic knee pain. According to Natasha, her recipe proves to be a panacea and removes knee pain from the root.

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Home Remedies for Knee Pain | Knee Pain Home Remedies

According to Dr. Natasha, if you feel difficulty in walking or sitting due to knee pain, then after trying the tips mentioned here, you will start sitting with the knees bent.
To try this home remedy, first take a piece of jaggery and put it in the pan and keep it on the flame. After this, peel 9 to 10 garlic buds and keep them. Half a teaspoon of celery, half a teaspoon of amba turmeric or plain turmeric and mustard oil will also be needed. Amba turmeric pulls the pain faster. Apart from mustard oil, any oil that reduces pain can be taken.

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Melt the molasses. After the jaggery melts, add 2 teaspoons of oil to it. Now add celery, turmeric and garlic and cook. When it is cooked, turn off the flame. Apply this prepared paste in a piece of cotton or bandage and tie it on your knees. Keep in mind that you do not tie too much hot paste on the knees. Keep it light warm.

The next day when you apply the paste, do not forget to heat it lightly. According to Dr. Natasha, continuous use of this paste for a few days eliminates knee pain.

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