The June 4 examination of the first class of Gilate Students involves 28,864 subscribers.

The EPA has been informed by the State Examination Center (DIM). It has been reported that students with physical limitations (group I, hearing impairment, and others) will also participate in the examination. Special halls have been set aside for them to test comfortably, and individual supervisors have been assigned to read tasks for the blind, fill out answer cards, and so on. Special arrangements have also been made for restricted aboriginal people to enter the building and the hall and to move comfortably.

The examinations are organized in Baku, Nakhchivan, Ghana, Shamkir, Agstafa, Sumatra, Mingachir, Shakespeare, Barbados, Göichay, Kurdmir, Shirvan, Sabirabad, Salyan, Lankaran, Kazakhstan, Galileabad, and Khachmaz.

Altogether, 180 examination facilities and 3241,180 examination halls were set aside in cities and districts. The test was administered by 536 general examination leaders, 4054 examination leaders, 555 supervisors, 180 graduation partners, and <> building representatives.