According to the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on June 04, lightning has fallen in some areas and torrential rains have fallen.

According to the National Hydrometeorology Service, the amount of rainfall fell: 12.0 mm in the son, 9.0 mm in Tovuz, Shamkir, 8.0 mm in Shakespeare, 6.0 mm in Kazakhstan, 4.0 mm in August, 2.0 mm in Kebala, Giranchol, Zagatala, Tashkent, Balakan, Shanghai, and Yevlax.

Temperatures: On June 03, the temperature dropped to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit [31.33°C], with temperatures reaching 24 degrees Fahrenheit [14°C] in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula, temperatures reaching 33 degrees Fahrenheit [<>°C] in Armenia, temperatures reaching <> degrees Fahrenheit [<>°C] in mountainous regions, and temperatures reaching <> degrees Fahrenheit [<>°C].

Because of the rains, the water level in Oxchay-Korulu and Vallechay-Afurcah was 5 inches [4 cm] in diameter, 3 inches [2 cm] in Karachi-Ruk, 5 inches [30 cm] in Kurdish and Tartarus-Kulgar, 6 inches [3 cm] in Arizona-Aghazi, 3 inches [21 cm] in Zerdab, 20 inches [22 cm] in Kurdish-Surra, 55 inches [63 cm] in Kurdish Shirvana, and 22 inches [40 cm] in Kurdish Salyana. As a result of torrential rains in the Tovuz region, the water level in Ericchai increased from 23:55 a.m. to <>:<> p.m. and briefly flooded the river from <>:<> a.m. to <>:<> p.m.