Today (June 6) marks the 4th anniversary of the June Fourth Incident, and with the return to normal after the new crown campaign, Victoria Park Football Stadium has not been closed this year due to the epidemic gathering restriction order, and has opened as usual. The lights on the football field come from the hometown market carnival jointly held by 34 provincial hometown associations.

After the dissolution of the Alliance, no one held the 5-dimensional garden candlelight party this year, and there was no candlelight for four consecutive years. Five years ago, on June 2019, 6, Victoria Garden lit candles when the conference announced that the number of participants reached 4,18, and the police said that there were 3,7 at the peak. From 2019 to 2023, looking at Victoria Garden Football Stadium from the Tin Hau Park Observation Deck car park, five pictures record Victoria Garden on the evening of June 6 over the past five years, which is also a microcosm of Hong Kong's social changes.

▼On the evening of June 2019, 2023 to 6, look at Victoria Garden from the direction of Tin Hau▼

Changes in Victoria Garden Football Stadium from the last June Fourth candlelight party to the hometown market:

In 2019, the 30th anniversary of June Fourth, Victoria Garden was crowded, candlelight illuminated six football fields, the Alliance announced that 18,3 people participated in the party, and the police said that there were 7,<> people at the peak.

In 2020, the 31st anniversary of June Fourth and the first June Fourth party after the anti-extradition bill incident, the police issued a notice of opposition on the grounds of the epidemic and the gathering restriction order, but members of the public were still allowed to enter the football stadium.

In 2021, the 32nd anniversary of June Fourth, the Hong Kong National Security Law has been implemented, and the epidemic situation is still serious, the Victoria Garden June Fourth candlelight Gala has been banned for the second consecutive year, and the police have blocked six football stadiums, making it impossible for citizens to enter.

In 2022, the 33rd anniversary of June Fourth, the first June Fourth after the dissolution of the alliance, the Hong Kong government continued to suspend the application for Victoria Garden Stadium on the grounds of the epidemic, and the police were closely guarded, and the Victoria Garden Football Stadium was empty.

In 2023, the 34th anniversary of June Fourth, the society will return to normal, but the candlelight of Victoria Garden will no longer be restored, replaced by the hometown market carnival stationed in the football stadium, and various stalls will be lit up for business.

▼From 2019 to the evening of June 2021, 6 View of Victoria Garden from the direction of Causeway Bay▼ (The original shooting location can no longer be used in 4)

▼June 2023, 6 Victoria Garden Hometown Market Carnival is brightly lit▼


June Fourth 34|Men's bright mobile phone lights in Victoria Garden were taken away by the police Said: Sitting in Dudu Ren La June Fourth 34|Former Chairman of the Journalist Association, Mak Yanting, appeared in Causeway Bay and was taken away by the police June Fourth 34|The police were on guard, and many people were taken away, including Mother-in-law Wang Some citizens found electronic candles in their backpacks34|Xia Zhicheng Zhou Shouren wrote an article "Special Day Prayer": Pray for those hardened hearts June Fourth 34|Police Causeway Bay Arming Malaysian Man Intercepted and Investigated Describe the atmosphere is more serious than Xingma, June Fourth 34th Anniversary|Tang Jiahua respects Hong Kong people to mourn If many people gather together, it will increase the risk of breaking the law34|FB Consulates of Multinational Consulates in Hong Kong Sticker Candlelight Photo The EU Office in Hong Kong and Macao places electronic candles

▼The 2019 Victoria Garden June Fourth Candlelight Gala was crowded, and candlelight was everywhere▼


▼The 2020 Victory Circle June Fourth candlelight gathering was not approved for the first time, and the Alliance insisted on lighting candlelight in Victoria Park▼


▼In 2021, the police closed the Victoria Garden football stadium, and the crowd and the sea of candles were "cleared"▼


▼Victoria Park on 2022 June and 6 June 4▼


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