Burnt Tongue Home Remedies: Burn tongue will get relief in the ways mentioned here.

Home Remedies: The tongue is very fragile and there is a lot of pain when it is cut or burnt. Especially when eating something hot, the tongue burns. Sometimes sipping hot tea and sometimes eating bread and vegetables causes burn tongue. That is why it is said that food should always be eaten in a hurry. But, if you have not taken precautions in time and now the tongue is burnt, then here are some home remedies that can prove to be helpful in relieving this burnt tongue. Grandmothers also used to try these remedies in their time and now you can also try them.

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Home Remedies for Burning Tongue | Burn Tongue Home Remedies

Drink something cold

If the tongue burns, it is good to drink something cold immediately. Cold beverages work to relieve burnt tongue. Apart from this, it is good to drink something cold several times throughout the day. You can also drink cold water.

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Sucking ice cream or ice

You can also suck ice cream or ice cream to relieve the burnt tongue. This gives relief to the tongue. However, take special care that your tongue does not stick to the ice. This can increase the pain instead of decreasing it.

Salt water

The tongue becomes sensitive when it is burnt and such an infection can occur when it comes in contact with bacteria. That is why when the tongue is burnt, rinse it with salt water so that the bacteria of the mouth are removed.

to take milk

When we eat something spicy, the consumption of milk works to relieve the mouth. In the same way, when the tongue burns after eating hot, drinking milk feels relaxed.

Eating cold things

Apart from drinking cold beverages, eating cold things also gives relief to the burnt tongue. You can eat soft cold things like yogurt, ice cream or cake, etc.

Sugar or honey

Sugar or honey can be eaten to relax the burnt tongue. Especially when applying honey on the tongue, its antibacterial properties keep the tongue away from the risk of infection. It also helps in reducing pain.

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