The first twilight race was held today (4 December), with the first event starting at 4pm and when the temperature dropped to 31 degrees, the Club pointed out that the temperature on the site had dropped significantly compared with previous races, believing that it could further protect the well-being and safety of horses and racing participants, and improve the Club's measures to cope with the extreme heat.

According to the Club, the attendance of the first day of the twilight race was nearly 1,3, with a turnover of about $15.6 billion, and that it will consider continuing the twilight race arrangement in June and July in the coming season, subject to the effect of the twilight race held this summer, the views of stakeholders and the resulting adjustments.

The first Sha Tin twilight event was wagered about 15.<> billion There are six more times this season

The Club organised a total of seven Sunday twilight races at the end of the season. The first race starts at 4pm, and the last race, if there are 10 races on the day, the final race will be held at 8:50pm; If there are 11 races held on the day, the final session starts at 9:<>pm.

The Club said that nearly 1,3 attendees and about $15.<> billion were wagered on the first day of the twilight race, describing the blazing atmosphere in the stadium as unabated at dusk, with fans cheering for the horses.

Five tricks to help horses cool down Pre- and post-race steps for short horses

A number of measures were also taken to deal with the extreme summer heat, including the use of industrial-scale spray fans, shortened pre- and post-race steps, hydration procedures, cooling methods, and close monitoring of horse health by professional veterinarians.

Horse-related cooling measures:

• Industrial-scale spray fans are installed at the starting point, Arc de Triomphe and unsaddle to cool the horses

• Buckets will be provided in the stable to cool the horses with water after the race, as well as for the horses to drink

• All cooling facilities at the saddle are operational prior to the arrival of the horses to enhance the cooling effect

• Blackout screens are provided on the unsaddle to protect against direct sunlight

• Shorten the pre- and post-race steps for horses: transport the horses directly from the air-conditioned stable to the saddle without having to gather them before setting off; All racing horses (except the first horse) will use the cooling facilities at the unsaddle as soon as possible after the race

• Professional veterinarians closely monitor health conditions


It is specially arranged for operation in hot weather today

The Club said it has always had a task force comprising professional veterinarians and chief medical officers. The Task Force decides whether to implement the Heat Plan with reference to objective indicators under a rigorous system, which covers weather conditions, which are also factors for the Labour Department to consider when issuing "Heat Warning for Work Heat".

Today's twilight event also implemented a special arrangement for the hot weather, and the club's teams adopted all-round cooling measures according to a rigorous mechanism to reduce the pressure of the hot weather on the horses and jockeys.

Jockey-related cooling measures:

• Prepare suitable drinks for the jockey, including ice, cold water, electrolytes, and drinks specifically designed to help athletes rehydrate

• Place heat-dissipating items such as ice packs behind the jockey room and the gate

Cooling measures for employees associated with other events:

• Conduct thermal stress assessments for employees working outdoors

• Provide enough cool drinking water

• Set up a cover or shade for outdoor workers

• Provide devices with enhanced heat dissipation, including portable fans, etc

With the Club's first twilight race of the season held at Sha Tin Racecourse on 6 June, trainer Lo Fu Chuan expressed his belief in better protection for the health and well-being of his horses. (Photo courtesy of the Club)

Trainer Luo Fuquan: The twilight race is properly arranged

Trainer Lo Fuquan said that the twilight race at 4 pm, combined with comprehensive cooling measures, believes that the health and well-being of horses will be better protected. "In the middle of the summer day, people get sweaty when they go out running, and the same is true for horses. We should put the health of the horses first, so the twilight race is also well arranged."

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