Bypassing the bride, the groom slapped the mother-in-law on the stage, leaving the housewife behind.

Whether it is the wedding season or not, but a lot of videos related to the wedding season are seen on social media. Some of these videos touch the heart, while some videos make you laugh by holding the stomach. In this episode, a recently viral video is attracting people's attention, in which the groom 'Mian' (Desi Groom Dance Video) is seen leaving his brides and in the mood of fun with his mother-in-law. In this funny video, the groom is seen doing a tremendous dance on the stage with the bride's mother.

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Dancing on stage

Seeing the groom's flexible waist in the video, you will also be forced to dance. After watching this video, social media users are having a lot of fun. In the video, the bride and groom and mother-in-law are dancing on the stage. In the video, after the Jayamala ceremony, the bride and groom stand on the stage when loud music is played, on the tune of which the groom starts shouting like a serpent. During this time, the bride is also matching the rhythm of the groom in the middle that the bride's mother jumps in the middle. Just then, the groom starts doing a tremendous dance with the mother-in-law.

Groom 'Miyan' dances with mother-in-law

In the video, the bride's mother is seen wearing a long veil and dancing openly with the son-in-law. This funny dance video has been shared on social media platform Instagram, which is being seen and liked a lot. While sharing the video, the caption reads, 'What is happening brother?'

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