'Everyone has a talent that shouldn't be exposed to the time and stopped them from dying. '

The EPA reports that Science and Education Minister Emin Amrullayev said this at the Human Resources and Management Forum, organized by the ASAN service.

He has said that it is his environment that changes a person.

"Whatever environment a person is born and lives in, he is shaped by that environment. Everyone comes into the world with some talent. But how much flexibility does the environment provide for that talent? That is the main question."

The minister noted that the most important developmental period for a child is from the mother's womb to the age of 3.

"At this time, the child learns more. The good news is that it does not require considerable finance for a child's development at this time. If every parent plays with their child, reading a book five hours a week rather than too much to him, it's more effective than projects that will cost tens of millions, hundreds of millions, in the future. The main thing that follows is a child's schooling."