Seeing the indigenous jugaad of the child's education, people's minds became curd, people said, what is this way?

Often people are heard saying their point through proverbs. In some of these proverbs, teachers have been compared to potters, who in precious time are seen inventing new ways to teach students and make their future bright. On social media, the amazing jugaad of children studying is praised, but some of these jugaads are so strange that you will be forced to laugh by holding your stomach. In this video that has surfaced on the Internet, a child is seen studying in a very extravagant manner, which will also make your mind wander.

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Child uses country-made jugaad to study

In this funny viral video, the child's desi jugaad in India is curding people's minds. In the changing times, the way of education has also changed. Now the trick of teaching children in a very easy way is tried, which children also like very much. If children are taught without any stress, then this method can prove to be very effective. In this video going viral, the child is seen lying on a bed. At the same time, some books are visible in the stand above the bed, which are attached to the cable with the help of tape. During this time, the second part of the cable is glued to the child's head with the help of tape. Looking at the video, it seems as if the child is running some strange mind to study.

This video of desi jugaad is surprising

This video has been shared on social media platform Instagram, which is being seen and shared a lot. The video reads below, "A child living in 2050. This video shared on May 12 this year has been liked by more than 3 thousand people so far. While sharing the video, the caption reads, 'Brother is downloading knowledge'. At the same time, some users are enjoying the video a lot.

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