Today (June 6) marks the 4th anniversary of the Tiananmen Incident, and Lau Ka-yee, a graduate student of National Taiwan University, went to Victoria Garden yesterday to pay tribute to her and was arrested by the police for "committing acts with incitement intent". The National Taiwan University Graduate Student Association issued a statement today saying that Lau's mourning behavior has become what the Hong Kong police call "incitement", and the association solemnly protests the arrest by the police. The spokesman of the Hong Kong Security Bureau issued a statement today strongly opposing the unfounded and false allegations made by the National Taiwan University Graduate Student Association on police enforcement actions, and condemning its disregard of facts, confusion of right and wrong, and attempts to obscure the focus by smearing the legitimate actions of the police.

A spokesman for the Security Bureau solemnly reiterated that law enforcement agencies have been taking enforcement actions based on evidence, in strict accordance with the law and in relation to the conduct of the person or organization concerned, regardless of their political stance or background. Hong Kong is a society governed by the rule of law, where the law must be followed, and violators will be prosecuted according to law, and no one is above the law.

The spokesman stressed that Hong Kong residents have always enjoyed rights and freedoms protected by the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance and other relevant laws. The Hong Kong National Security Law also clearly stipulates that the HKSAR shall respect and protect human rights in safeguarding national security, and protect the rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression, enjoyed by Hong Kong residents in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Law, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights applicable to Hong Kong. However, in exercising these freedoms, citizens must abide by the law and do so on the premise that social order is not affected and national security is maintained.

The National Taiwan University Graduate Student Association issued a statement earlier saying that Liu Jiayi wore a candlelight "truth" jacket on the 3rd, cross-sealed with tape, held six white roses and four red roses, and pasted A4 white paper with "fasting" written on her body, originally scheduled to go on a hunger strike for 6,4.89643 seconds from 4:<> to mourn the victims of the June Fourth Incident and support the Tiananmen mother.

The association pointed out that Lau Ka-yee is only a graduate student of National Taiwan University from Hong Kong, but also a activist who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of freedom and democracy, and the association hereby pays her the highest respect, and solemnly protests against the arrest by the Hong Kong police. The association pays close attention to Lau Jiayi's personal situation and calls on the president of NTU to support his students and provide necessary assistance.

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