An 18-year-old boy killed his aunt's husband on the clock.

According to the EPA's Mil-Mugan bureau, the incident took place in the city of Saatli during the night. In 2005, a humble Nerimanzadeh, the son of Canaan Ehtiram, was stabbed to death by his aunt's husband, a city resident, and humble Ishmaeov Elshad Tofiq's son in 1978.

The murderer has been detained.

A criminal case has been opened in the Hourly Prosecutor's Office.



On June 4, 01, at 1978:<> a.m., the district attorney's office reported that humble Elshad Ismailov had died at his home in Saatlı.

The Epa has been told by the Attorney-General's Office that the investigation identified substantial suspicions that humble Canaan Nerimanzadeh deliberately killed Elshad Ismailova during a dispute between them in 2005

In the case of the Hourly Circuit Prosecutor's Office, criminal proceedings were initiated with 120.1 of the Criminal Procedure, and Canaan nerimanzadeh was arrested as a suspect.

The initial investigation is ongoing.