Goofy Paintal, who played Shakuni in Mahabharat, admitted to hospital

New Delhi:

Actor Goofy Paintal, who made his mark among the audience with the role of Shakuni Mama in IBR Chopra's Mahabharata in 1988, was admitted to the hospital on June 2 due to ill health. It was being told that his health was very critical. Doctors thought it better to admit him to the hospital for care. However, there is nothing to panic now. Goofy's son Harry Pental said that his health is fine now. The situation is under control and he is recovering. He appealed to his father's fans to pray for his good health.

Sudden deteriorating health while preparing for play

Actor Gajendra Chauhan, who has worked with Goofy Paintal, also confirmed about Goofy's health. Everyone was worried about his health. Tina said that on June 2, Goofy's condition was very bad. "He was preparing for a play. He was remembering his lines but suddenly he started feeling uncomfortable. When his health started deteriorating, he was immediately taken to the hospital. Doctors conducted some tests and found that he had some problems related to heart and kidney. So it was decided to admit him but it is a matter of relief that at the moment he is stable and his health is improving.

Goofy is a multi-talented artist.

Goofy Paintal's talent is not limited to acting only. He has also worked as a TV show director. Apart from the hit show Mahabharata of the 1980s, he also worked in many Hindi films. Mostly he has been seen and liked in negative roles.

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