Video of Govinda's lookalike goes viral

New Delhi:

The lookalikes of superstars like Salman-Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are also becoming no less popular. The video of Bollywood star Govinda's lookalike is also on the Internet these days, which will also make you confused. This lookalike of Govinda looks exactly Govinda. From his face to body and expressions to dance, everything is like Govinda. This video is being seen and liked a lot on YouTube. Not only this, people are also commenting fiercely on this video after watching it.

In this video that has surfaced on YouTube, the person seen in blue court pants is really Govinda at first sight. His dance style and expressions also look exactly like Govinda. At the same time, hairstyle or face and even smile also looks like Ditto Govinda. This lookalike of Govinda is seen dancing to his song 'Soni Ke Nakhare Sone Lagde'.

This video of Govinda's lookalike is being seen repeatedly on YouTube and has received more than 12 lakh likes. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, "Absolutely same to same Govinda. Another wrote, "If both of them stand together, it becomes difficult to identify who is real." At the same time, the third wrote, "Looks like a carbon copy. While another wrote, "Brother Govinda is you. At the same time, some people are calling this person Govinda's twin.

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