Another mass grave proving the killing and mass burial of people during the Armenian occupation of Azerbaijan has been discovered in the city of Shusha today. According to initial reports, the remains of at least four people have been found in that cemetery.

The EPA reports that Sabine Aliyeva, the Human Rights Commissioner of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Ombudsman), said
that the mass grave was discovered in the area of Shusha prison:
"This fact reaffirmed the claims and witness statements made about the horrific torture and inhuman treatment of Azerbaijani people who were illegally held in Shusha prison.
We regret to say that the number of facts about Armenia's crimes by violating the requirements of international humanitarian law is not limited to this. Therefore, a separate report has been prepared by the Ombudsman on the results of investigations into the mass burial sites previously discovered in our occupied territories and in cemeteries found in edilli village of Khocavənd."
The Ombudsman noted that the continuous discovery of mass graves in our liberated areas once again demonstrates Armenia's policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijan:
"At the same time, we would like to emphasize that Armenia's failure to disclose the fate of some four thousand people who lost their lives during the First Civil War has caused deep suffering for family members for many years in the world. The Armenian side has also shied away from its responsibility in this regard, avoiding the introduction of information about public funerals.

As the Azerbaijani Ombudsman, I once again call on the international community to take necessary action against Armenia in such cases as international legal norms, human rights and freedoms, and to support the acquisition of information about the fate of our missing brothers."