A terrorist murder occurred in Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hill yesterday (2nd), a 39-year-old man with a psychiatric record, after buying a murder knife in a shopping mall home store, attacked two women, Fang Xiaotong (26 years old) and Liu Jixi (22 years old), and both of them were killed by multiple stabs. The police said that the investigation believed that the suspect and the two deceased did not know each other, and that they had no contact with the two before the attack.

The 26-year-old deceased Fang Xiaotong was scheduled to have dinner with his family last night to celebrate his 01th grandfather's birthday, but unexpectedly encountered an accident after work. Fang Xiaotong's mother told "Hong Kong <>" that she received the news of her daughter's death in the middle of dinner, but she was worried that the elderly and old man could not accept it, so she could only endure the sadness and rushed to the hospital after dinner. She also said that she wanted to question the suspect in person, "tell him to talk to me in front of me, I want to ask him for some explanation."

26-year-old deceased Fang Xiaotong (left).

It is understood that the deceased, Fang Xiaotong and Lau Jixi, who became a couple more than a month ago, have cohabited and met their families, and the two were scheduled to go to a restaurant in Pin Shek Estate last night to celebrate their birthday with a group of relatives and friends as Fang's grandfather, who had explained to his mother in the afternoon that he had left work and would arrive at Pin Shek Estate at 7 p.m.

Fang's mother (pictured left) said that she received the news of her daughter's death in the middle of dinner yesterday, but did not dare to explain to the elderly and the elderly. (Photo by Weng Yuhui)

Fang's mother told "Hong Kong 01" that Fang Xiaotong has a younger sister, and Fang Xiaotong has moved out of the Rainbow Estate apartment earlier to live with friends, and did not know that her daughter had a pat. Yesterday, I received the news of my daughter's death in the middle of dinner, but I was worried that the elderly and the two elders would not accept it, and did not explain the incident to them, "I have to wait for the meal to finish, I can do it first, the old man is 98 years old, I don't want the two old people to know", I can only endure the sadness, and many relatives and friends at the dinner also know the news, and secretly cry during the dinner. Until after dinner, Fang's mother rushed to the hospital and could only see her daughter's cold body.

When the police explained the case yesterday, they pointed out that the suspected murderer had a mental illness record, and Fang's mother questioned "IKEA is a government idiot line, and your personal line is unknown, if you check (check) until you have mental illness, do you have to let them out, it is a problem of the Mi government." Fang's mother also said that she hoped to confront the suspected murderer face to face, "Tell him to talk to me in front of me, you trapped him, the partition of glass and iron branches is good, I want to ask him for some explanation."

A terrorist murder occurred in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Head yesterday (2nd), and the suspected murderer was subdued by the police on the spot.

The process of the bald man's murder


Members of the public assist in rescuing the wounded


Police officers were present to subdue and arrest suspects

The situation at the scene after the crime


Murder in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Head, the identities and injuries of the two women?

The two female subjects, aged 22 and 26, were stabbed in the chest and neck respectively, and were taken by ambulance to the United Hospital and confirmed to be dead.

What is the murder weapon involved? Where is it obtained?

Preliminary information indicates that the murder weapon is suspected to be a 12-inch long fish knife. As seen at the scene, a knife was left at the scene, the tip of the knife was stained with blood, and the blade body was deformed and bent. CCTV footage shows that the suspected murderer entered a daily necessities store and suspected of buying the knife involved in the case.

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