A murder occurred in Hollywood Plaza Diamond Hill yesterday (2nd), and two women were killed, and they did not know the suspected murderer who was suffering from mental illness. This morning (3rd), citizens began to place flowers near the location of the accident to mourn, and among the hundreds of bouquets of flowers, there were people who signed the family who will always love your family to lay flowers.

One of the deceased's friends went straight to WhatsApp this morning, only to see Shan Zhi, and only accepted the bad news. Putting down the flowers, thinking that my friends can only live in memory in the future, I am very touched, "I hope that it will happen again in the next life."

The murder at Hollywood Plaza at Diamond Head yesterday suspended promotional activities for a week and allowed members of the public to lay flowers near the location of the incident to mourn. Today, many people are present to lay flowers, place fruits, and gift cards. There was a heart card on the bouquet at the scene, with "Always Love You" written in the middle, the upper paragraph was "Jixi/BB", and the next paragraph was "Always Love Your Family", I believe that I met the deceased Liu Jixi.

Fang Xiaotong's friend Ivan came to lay flowers, and he WhatsApp this morning when Fang Xiaotong saw the other party single, only to be convinced that she had passed. (Photo by Deng Yushi)

Friend Fang Xiaotong: You must be mentally prepared to be brave enough to go to the scene of the incident

A friend of the deceased Fang Xiaotong also came to lay flowers, and the friend Ivan met the deceased about 1 year ago through the introduction of a friend, describing her as optimistic and smiling when asked questions. Yesterday, Fang Xiaotong's family informed that his friend had been killed, and he was "dumbfounded" when he boarded, and this morning WhatsApp Fang Xiaotong saw the other party before he was convinced that she had passed, "I know that you left, I hope that it will happen again in the next life."

Ivan, 17, thinks his friend's experience is miserable, "like me, I haven't experienced much." He said that you need to be mentally prepared to be brave enough to go to the scene of the incident, "always have a sudden occurrence on the day of the piano, don't dare to go to Li (the scene of the incident)", you need to be mentally prepared before going up to the 3rd floor to lay flowers, today I saw many citizens present to lay flowers, thank you for your intentions.

Flower-giving citizen: Hong Kong has had poor public security in recent years

Miss Li, a citizen, was saddened by the incident, and yesterday she did not dare to watch the relevant news clips, believing that the deceased was killed at a very young age, which is a pity and innocent, and came to lay flowers today.

Ms Wong, a member of the public, specially went from Tseung Kwan O to Diamond Hill to present flowers today, believing that it was a pity that the deceased passed away at a young age, and hoped that the family of the deceased could be relieved. She also believes that Hong Kong's public security has been very poor in recent years, and various tragedies have occurred, "Hong Kong people have worked so hard for a few years." She believes that the government should allocate more resources to the mentally ill to take care of the needy, "The Chief Executive's words are about individual incidents, and there are really too many individual cases."

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