The Moon is in Scorpio until 08:05h on June 3

In the Moon in Scorpio, the subconscious becomes very active, and intuition intensifies, as well as the desire to understand the hidden, the inexplicable. The emotional sphere is overloaded, emotions are tense and can be "poured out" uncontrollably on others. Increased criticism, suspiciousness, sense of ownership. Avoid large gatherings; It is better to postpone family celebrations for another period (emotional tension can lead to scandals).

It is recommended: to engage in creative, intellectual work that requires enthusiasm and a lot of energy. The period is good for testing new technologies, work related to fire and metal. A good time to reveal secrets, find lost things. You can start repairs associated with the destruction of unnecessary and outdated, but you need to be careful when working with tools. Be careful in the subway when working underground.

It is not recommended: surgical interventions in the groin area, genitals and the entire excretory system, endocrine glands, colon, renal pelvis, urinary tract.

Lunar calendar: lasts 14 lunar day until 19:22h

This is the most powerful day of the lunar month. It is good to start new cases, they will be successful. Perfect time to make important decisions. For passive people, the day is not auspicious for passive people. Now is not the time to rest.

This day often brings with it a bad mood, low self-esteem, melancholy. You should not let these feelings overwhelm you. The best remedy against them is precisely activity, action and physical exertion.

Physical work in any form is very useful. It is good to energetically clean your house and space. You can engage in important household affairs, arrange a large laundry or general cleaning of the home. It is also a good day for any kind of repairs and construction work.

The eyes are now especially sensitive, try not to overload your vision. Beneficial for cleansing spiritual and physical slags. The appearance of gastrointestinal disease on this day means that you are walking the wrong path.

The 14th lunar day contributes to the strong strengthening of the family and the ties between its members, gives mutual understanding between the younger and older generations. In addition, it facilitates communication at all levels. An auspicious day for sexual relations in married couples.

A haircut can lead to fears and anguish, so it's better to refrain from it. Do not touch your hair on this day. If you influence them, an exchange of information will begin, and this will affect your mental comfort, you may begin to doubt your strength, the correctness of your actions, your choice, the success of what you have planned.

Next is the 15th lunar day from 19:22h on June 2 to 20:39h on June 3rd

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