The next republican consultation was held on the work of the communications committees that helped to operate under the chairmanship of Ali Alejandro, deputy prime minister, chairman of the Commission for Simulation and Coordination of Labor Relations.

The EPA reports that the event was attended by leaders of working groups alongside the Commission on Labor Relations and Coordination — Anar Aliyev, Deputy Minister of Labour and People's Social Protection, Ilkin Veliyev, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the State Tax Service, and leaders of the linking committees that help employment.

A. Ahmedov noted that the implementation of the "Plan of Action for the Prevention of Informal Employment in the Republic of Azerbaijan" approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 2017, 9, will continue to be implemented and that necessary measures will continue to be taken to improve employment relations.

The chairman of the commission said that during the work of the Employment Relations Simulation and Coordination Commission, which was created by the head of state on March 2017, 17, there was an increase of more than 37 percent in the number of labor contracts, 59.5 percent in the number of individual owners, and 6.3 times in the number of fixed taxpayers who received a fixed payment for a simplified tax. At the same time, the work of connectivity committees that help engagement to ensure the sustainability of the intentions achieved in this area and to address the responsibilities ahead should be further improved.

In the consultation, Rashad Dayiev, head of the Commission's Secretariat and director of the Department of Public Policy and Demographic Development Affairs of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, presented a presentation on the work done by the linking committees that helped the work in accordance with the tasks assigned to the previous consultation.

At the meeting, the leaders of the communications committees that helped to engage in the city of Kazakhstan, Barbados, Kebala, and Mingxevir gave extensive coverage of the work being done, including the prevention of informal activities and other activities.

In the consultation, A. Ahmedov gave appropriate instructions to the leaders of those committees to promote the effective work of the communications committees.