Jawed Habib Hair Color Tips: Learn how to make hair naturally black from hair expert Jawed Habib.

Special things

  • Nowadays everyone is troubled by the problem of white hair.
  • If you also apply market color, then stop.
  • Know hair expert Jawed Habib's natural darkening recipe.

Jawed Habib Hair Color Tips: With age, hair starts to turn white, not only this, but many times the hair starts to turn white prematurely. People have to use chemical-based hair color to make them black, but if you want to stay away from these chemicals and want to color your hair naturally, then we tell you the recipe of hair expert Jawed Habib so that you can color your hair with natural ingredients.

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Hair expert Jawed Habib recently shared a video on his Instagram account, in which he told how you can color hair in a natural way. For this, you will need Indigo powder. Let us tell you how you can color your hair with indigo powder.

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If you want to color your hair with indigo powder, first dissolve a little indigo powder with water and apply it directly on the roots of your hair. Just remember that there should be no oil or serum in your hair. After applying it, keep it for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair with normal shampoo, doing this will color your hair, but it can cause dryness at times.

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If you want to color the hair and also want to avoid dryness, then mix henna with indigo powder.
For this, use organic mehndi in which no chemicals are found. Put a little indigo powder in it and dissolve it for half an hour, then apply it well on your hair and wash the hair after 2-3 hours. It also makes the hair naturally colored and does not cause any harm to the hair.

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