A horrific murder takes place in Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Head. At about 2:5 p.m. today (14nd), two women were chased and beheaded by a man with a knife near the cinema on the 3rd floor of the mall. Two female owners, aged 26 and 22, could not avoid walking, one of them was stabbed more than 30 times in the chest, and the other was stabbed in the neck. Some witnesses said that the deceased who fell to the ground also had some slight reaction at first after being attacked, and the suspected murderer stood aside after the attack, "becoming a stunned and violent."

After the suspected murder was discovered, he was found at the water sign of the mall next to the fence, and witnesses described him as "a stunned and violent". (Screenshot of online clip)

At the time of the crime, the witness, Ms. Mak, was eating at a restaurant near the scene, when she suddenly heard someone shouting outside, she continued to eat at first, and then saw the restaurant staff go to the door to look, and she also came forward to understand that the two female owners had been attacked and fell to the ground. Ms Mak said she saw one of the injured men injured on the left back of the lower back, and a man wearing shirts and trousers, presumably a mall security guard or office staff, held the wound on him.

Ms Mak pointed out that when she saw the suspected murderer with short hair and thin body in a "swimming suit" standing at the water sign of the mall next to the fence, "he was in a daze and violently shocked", and the others "did not know what was going on", so they did not dare to approach. Later, when the police arrived at the scene, the suspected murderer still "straightened up, and became a person like a log" and did not resist, and then was pushed by the police to the ground and subdued.

↓ The process of police officers subduing suspected murderers ↓

Although she did not directly witness the incident, Ms. Mak still had lingering memories when she recalled the aftermath of the incident. She said she had heard other witnesses mention that one of the deceased women tried to pull away her companion who had been attacked and fell to the ground before the crime, "knowing that a murderer killed and buried them"; also said that he originally only looked at the scene because of "gossip", and learned that "I feel terrifying when he (suspected) beheaded people".

Witness Ms. Mak's recollection of the aftermath of the incident was still lingering. (Photo by Leung Wai-kuen)

After the murder, a number of videos circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that the 2 beheading masters fell to the ground in blood and did not respond, and the final position of the 2 people fell to the ground was only about a few meters apart, and a number of police officers, security guards and other people assisted in administering extracardiac pressure first aid to the 2 people. A large amount of blood stains and first-aid supplies were left at the scene, and the scene was shocking. The passers-by who were filming the footage were shocked: "Whoosh! It's amazing!"

↓The case was exposed by CCTV clips↓



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